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Colin HerrickColin Herrick

Colin Herrick Eric Herrick

The Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana Piloto: Colin Herrick - The son.

Born: Santa Cruz, CA 1974

Occupation: EMT Firefighter & Lifeguard, Private Investor, director for 2 California non-profit corporations.

Allergies: NASCAR, Figure Skating.

Motto: Admit Nothing, Deny Everything. When Accused, Offer Counter-Accusations

The Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana Copilotor: Eric Herrick - The father.

Born: Honolulu, HI -1942

Occupation: teaching undergraduates finance and economics, president of a non-profit, labor negotiator, and appointed hearing officer for property tax disputes.

Allergies: Sushi Affiliations: American Library Association; retired army intelligence/special forces officer; Rotary International (joined because he thought they had something to do with racing RX-7s); United States Soccer Federation referee; and Tortugateers of Prado Dam.