Colin and Eric Herrick will be posting their experiences here, leading up to and including the race, so you can follow along.

You can track the Mini Mania Car #554 at the La Carrera Panamericana in realtime from this site !

Open the page and click on the 'Mapa' button and a new window will open.  Select 'Race Cars' from the floating 'Tasks window', scroll down to car #554, select it, then hit 'start tracking'.  You'll need to zoom in quite a bit to make heads or tails.  It's pretty slick...  

Colin & Eric Herric Blog

Final Results

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:27 PM By Collin

We have made it to the Finish line and are VERY proud of our Mini Cooper and all it's supporters!

We've Made It!

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:25 PM By Collin

I'm not sure how, but we've made it to Nuevo Laredo safe and sound! The Mini Mania Cooper S has just proven itself to be absolutely bombproof. Although we did have to bust out our tool kit twice today...

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Day 6, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:24 PM By Collin

Aguascalientes, Mexico Most importantly, the Mini Mania Mini is running flawlessly. More so than my father and I are to be sure. La Carrera is about 1 month´s worth of experiences compressed into one week, and if it weren´t for the video and photographs it would be most difficult to remember what happened...

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Race has Started!

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:23 PM By Collin

undefinedThe race is on and all seems to be going great.  More details to follow

Pre-Qualification Complete

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:19 PM By Collin

We got our first true test behind the wheel of the Mini today. All systems were go except the 3 camera HD video system we had mounted in the car today by Kevin Ward. Truth be told, I´m happy the thing blew a fuse cuz I was rPictures by Bret Haller - The www.Unlimited Class.comeally driving on the slow/safe side. Majority of the drivers went up and pre-ran the course, including Emil in the GT3 who started directly behind us, talk about about how to make a guy nervous. We couldn´t fit in a time to go pre run the course, so I felt one step behind from the Pictures by Bret Haller - The www.Unlimited Class.comget go.  As I expected Emil and Keri in the white Porsche showed up in my rear view after about 4 minutes and we let him pass without getting in his way too much, I hope. He finished with a time hovering around 5 minutes I believe, and we came in at 5:50... so he started 30 seconds behind me and finished 50 seconds ahead, what a bugger!!
 We felt good though. The comm system worked like a charm, not bad for a 50 buck purchase from a motorcycle website, (other drivers have spent 400 bucks at a minimum and I don´t see what the benefit could be. Most importantly, the car didn´t do anything unexpected and we kept it between the ditches; not much more I can ask for. I´ll find out at the driver´s meeting tonight where our time today places us for the rally start tomorrow. But now, it´s time for a Cuba Libre!!

Wednesday- Oaxaca, Mexico

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:16 PM By Collin

The Coyote Convoy left Laredo at 6am sharp on Saturday, 11 hours later we pulled in to the beautiful old town of San Miguel de Allende. We had high hopes that it would be our longest haul driving from then on, but it paled in comparison to the 15+ hours it took to drive from San Miguel to Oaxaca...

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Texas is Huge

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:15 PM By Collin

About 10 miles into the trip we found ourselves stuck on Highway 17 in what was quickly becoming a 10 mile, 2 lane parking lot. Things were not looking good.

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8:00 am Tuesday, October 16th

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:14 PM By Collin

Car's loaded with all the spare parts we could fit, which isn't really too much in a Mini. One of the great things about removing the backseat is that it has exposed all sorts of good anchors to secure our spare, tools, and luggage. As we are driving the whole route from Santa Cruz, CA to Oaxaca, Mex., and back, (with La Carrera falling somewhere in between), packing appropriately in our available space is not proving to be easy.

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Greetings, Mini Folks

Posted Mar-13-16 at 5:11 PM By Collin

Thanks for having a gander at our very first blog entry. We really appreciate your coming by to see what we post here, and we hope you enjoy the updates!

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