Frequently Asked Questions

What is the La Carrera Panamericana?
It is a roughly 2000 mile, 7-day cross-country rally in Mexico that runs from Oaxaca to the Texas Border through twisty mountain roads and beautiful towns and countryside. This year the race goes from October 26 to November 1.

What is The Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana?
This is a completely different race with different start-stop locations that runs under the auspices of La Carrera, introduced in 2006 by Brett Haller and Kevin Ward. The Unlimited Class is a roughly 1895 mile, 7-day cross-country modern car (after 1990) rally in Mexico that runs from just north of Guatemala in El Camarón and ends at Monterrey, racing through the same twisty mountain roads and beautiful towns and countryside as La Carrera. It takes advantage of the full support the Mexican government gives the La Carrera to test the abilities and stamina of modern cars and race teams.

When did La Carrera start?
The first race begain in 1950 to commemorate the opening of the Mexican section of the Pan American Highway through Mexico. It only ran for five years initially. For more details, see our history page.

When did The Unlimited Class start?
2006 marked the first year that modern cars were allowed to race alongside the classics in La Carrera.

Who can enter the races?
Anyone with some rally or racing experience can pay the fees, bring your car and enter either race. For more information on entering, go to the US Pan Am page for the classics or to The Unlimited Class for moderns.

Are there special requirements for the cars entered?
It depends on whether you are racing a modern or classic car. Most stock, street legal cars built between 1955 and 1965 are eligible for La Carrera. Race officials recommend some modernization of things like brakes, fuel cells, cooling systems to help make it withstand the rigors of this demanding race. The same holds true for The Unlimited Class. And of course any car needs to have roll bars and upgraded safety belts. There are also some restrictions on bore specs and other modifications to the engines, mostly to keep the speeds down to safer levels. For more info, check out the Historical class on the Pan Am site for more info, and the About page for the Unlimited Class.